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Holiday Special Edition: Checklists & Tips for Managing Holiday eCards and Holiday Party Invitations

Halloween eCards and invitations

Online greeting cards and invitations provide many opportunities that don't exist with traditional printed greeting cards. Whether you're the owner of a small business or you're in charge of marketing for a large company, our holiday eCard checklists and tips will make sending your holiday eCards a lot less stressful and help you improve your business relationships all year 'round.

This special edition of our newsletter provides tips for preparing your holiday email list, how to grow your email list throughout the year, ideas for using your own photos/images to make unique and memorable holiday eCards and more.

Celebrating Halloween and Mixing it Up with a Little Employee Appreciation

Halloween eCards and invitations

Halloween is a great holiday because it's non secular and can be celebrated by many different people and age groups. It's a time for parties, fun and family. Here are some Halloween ideas to get your business in the Halloween spirit while possibly gaining a client or two!

Email vs. Social and How to make a Custom Interface

As part of our eMarketing series, this issue looks at email marketing vs. social media. We also have a new How-to video which demonstrates how CorpNote lets you customize our entire website to match your company branding - including a top logo, colors and persistent footer links that can contain your website and contact information.

Save Time by Using Preferences, Templates & Tools

Automate some common business tasks like sending thank you cards.

This issue provides tips on how to use CorpNote to save time when performing common business tasks such as customer support communications, following up on sales and marketing leads, communicating with employees, client retention, managing events and managing surveys.

Ways to Recognize and Appreciate your Employees Throughout the Year

Automate some common business tasks like sending thank you cards.

Employee Appreciation Day is March 2nd. So while we're on the topic of employee appreciation...We're encouraging you to think about how to recognize and appreciate your employees throughout the year. This issue focusses on celebrating employee milestones, recognizing accomplishments and compliments, getting great ideas from surveys and celebrating employee birthdays.

Don't Procrastinate - Automate!

Automate some common business tasks like sending thank you cards.

Having a plan really does help fight procrastination. In this issue, we provide tips on how to automate some common business tasks so you can get more done.

Easy Ways to Create Better Customer Relationships

A customer appreciation strategy can benefit businesses by improving customer retention which leads to higher profits, happy customers and happy employees.

A customer appreciation strategy can lead to higher profits, happier customers and happier employees. In this issue, we provide tips for successful Birthday/Anniversary card campaigns and customer satisfaction surveys.

Looking Good in 2018 - Easy Brand Recognition Tips You Can Do Today

Simple brand recognition tips from email subject lines to email signatures.

You don't have to spend a ton of money or be a big company to make fast progress at getting your brand recognized. From email subject lines to email signature must-haves, here are simple effective techniques for achieving better brand recognition.

Special Edition for the 2017-2018 Holiday Season: Tips for Holiday eCards, Invitations and Surveys

Tips for Holiday eCards, Invitations and Surveys

Whether you're the owner of a small business or an administrator for a large company, sending holiday eCards or invitations for holiday parties can be stressful! This special edition features tips for managing your contact list, creating custom branded holiday eCards and invitations, creative ways for sharing them, using speed templates for sendng to large groups of contacts and more. We also share tips on ways to improve your business relationships by creating "meaningful" surveys and recurring eCards to stay in touch with customers, clients and employees year round.

Creating Customized Holiday eCards and End of Year Surveys

Season's Greetings and Holiday eCards

Creating your own eCard imagery can be rewarding for you and special to your eCard recipients. This issue covers creating custom eCard designs with photos/images, the advantages of using a Multi-User Plan during the holidays and how to create end of year surveys to help you successfully move forward into the New Year.

Holiday eCards and Party Invitations

Holiday eCards and party invitations specifically designed for business.

Tips to make keeping in touch this holiday season a breeze. With traditional printed holiday cards, you don't always know that your holiday wishes have been received. This is where holiday eCards really shine! This issue covers managing email lists, sharing eCards and holiday party invitations.

Season's Greetings and Holiday eCards

Season's Greetings and Holiday eCards

Tips for when to send your holiday eCards, how to post them in Social Media and how to create custom eCard designs.

What's New in Holiday Greeting Cards This Year - Part 2

More What's New in Holiday Greeting Cards This Year

Here are some tips to make keeping in touch this holiday season a breeze. This issue covers creating holiday eCards as QuickSend templates to use at holiday parties and networking events, sending personal eCards with a family photo, sending end of year thank you cards and New Year's cards that can be sent from now until the end of January.

What's New in Holiday Greeting Cards This Year - Part 1

New in Holiday Greeting Cards

The holiday eCard season has already started. In this issue we discuss the best time to send holiday eCards, what's new for the holiday season, how to effortlessly send your eCards to larger lists and easy holiday party planning.

10 Great Ways to Keep in Touch with your Customers

Tips for Keeping in Touch with your Customers

A ten-step checklist of proven techniques you can use to grow your business using traditional marketing and technology that are effective, affordable and scalable as your business grows.

New Year's Resolutions

Holiday eCards and New Year's Resolutions

Keeping those New Year's resolutions can be tough! If you're still sticking to them - more power to you! If not, we've got some tips to keep you motivated and working towards those goals. Don't forget to take our survey - it will not only help remind you of your goals (or brag that you are achieving them) but you'll be able to see the results next month to see how you're doing in comparison to others!

This issue also has tips for getting organized and being more efficient.

Holiday Gift Giving and Holiday eCards

Holiday Gift Giving eCards and Seasons Greetings

Many of us face the task of purchasing corporate gifts for vendors, clients or co-workers. This issue has great gift ideas that are sure to warm the heart and keep you within budget.

While we're all prompt with sending thank you notes for personal gifts; often times, corporate gifts go un-thanked. But not this year! This issue also has tips for sending thank you eCards.

It's Holiday eCard Kickoff Time

Thanksgiving eCards and Seasons Greetings

Throughout the world, it is a time for giving thanks and sending Season's Greetings. This issue covers ideas for businesses celebrating Thanksgiving, Black Friday, Cyber Monday and Season Greetings.

Every year we get lots of great questions from our customers. This year we've created a complete guide, Everything you ever wanted to know about sending Seasons Greetings Holiday eCards, which will help you plan the most effective end-of-year holiday eCard campaign.

Bosses Day and Employee Recognition

Bosses Day and Employee Recognition

Bosses Day is October 16th and it's the perfect time for not only employees to think of their bosses but for bosses to think of their employees too. It takes both parts of a team to be successful! In this issue we explore ways to celebrate bosses day as well as ways to show recognition for all employees.

Getting the Most from Your CorpNote Membership

Getting the Most from Your CorpNote Membership

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