Newsletter: Looking Good in 2018 - Easy Brand Recognition Tips You Can Do Today

Brand recognition is all about being at the top of someone's mind when they make a purchase. The good news is you don't have to spend a ton of money or be a big company to make fast progress at getting your brand recognized. In this week's blog, Image is Everything - Tips for Getting People to Recognize Your Brand, we discussed 3 easy ways to get better brand recognition through consistency, predictability and simplicity. This companion issue of our newsletter provides ways to use CorpNote to achieve those goals as well as some other tips you can use in any of your internet marketing strategies.

In this issue:

Email Subject Lines to Get Noticed

Do people know an email communication is from you just by looking at the subject line?

Sending an email isn't effective if your recipient doesn't open the message. To improve your success rate, we recommend a combination of quality subject lines and sending on a regular, predictable schedule.

The subject line is the first thing your recipient sees and, in that quick moment, they have to decide whether it's worth their time to read now, flag it for later or resign it to the trash bin. That is why your email subject line should clearly identify your brand and be relevant enough to prompt them to open the email.

Example subject lines showing various examples on a mobile phone.

Tips for Creating Quality Subject Lines

Now that you have great subject lines, you need to combine it with a predictable schedule. Predictability is often missing in email campaigns but it is an essential component. People like predictability and if they know a newsletter or sales flyer is supposed to arrive in their email inbox every Tuesday (for example), they are more likely to recognize the email when it hits their inbox.

Predictability takes a little bit of time to establish but, once in place, people will unconsciously start recognizing your email because they have come to expect it.

Over time, if you combine quality subject lines with a predictable schedule, you are more likely to get better email open rates as well as better brand recognition.

thumb_up CorpNote Tip
To help with predictability, create a series of eCards in advance and schedule them to be sent on a specific interval of time. This works great for weekly sales flyers, news updates and more.

Email Signature Must Haves

Do you make it easy for people to contact you when they receive your email?

At minimum, it is important to include the following in ALL email correspondence:

Important for Branding:

  • Logo
  • Company Tagline
  • Website Address
  • Social Media Links
  • Consistent font and color scheme for all employees
Example eCard signature options selected including website and social media links.

Obviously, it's important to include contact information in your signature but the specific key to brand recognition is to make sure it is consistent for all people within a company. All employees within a company should have a similar look and feel to their email signature.

thumb_up CorpNote Tip
When setting up your CorpNote account, you can set all of the "minimum" signature items listed above as well as the items that are important for branding. Learn more in our tutorials for how to set up your signature and style preferences.

Customizing your CorpNote Account to Best Represent your Brand

Here is a list of important "branding" related features that are available in CorpNote:

Additional Customization Options
Individual users with the custom interface add-on option and multi-user administrators have the ability to customize the entire website to have the look and feel of their brand, including the graphics/colors and links. People will see this branding when they view their eCards or respond to invitations or surveys. Multi-user plan members will also see their company branding when they use their CorpNote account.

eCard and invitation recipients see your custom branding and can easily visit your website.

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Tips for Getting People to Recognize Your Brand
Brand recognition is all about being at the top of someone's mind when they make a purchase. The good news is you don't have to spend a ton of money or be a big company to start getting your brand recognized. Here are the 3 easy ways to get better brand recognition.

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