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Most people have a lot they want to (or need) to accomplish on a daily basis and it's possible that many of those tasks could be simplified so you can focus on the most important tasks that require your intervention. In this week's blog, we discussed common business activities that can be automated or done more efficiently.

This companion newsletter provides tips on how to use CorpNote to save time when performing common business tasks such as customer support communications, following up on sales and marketing leads, communicating with employees, client retention, managing events and managing surveys.

In this issue:

Setting Personal Preferences: Saves Time & Improves Your Image

Reduce the amount of time it takes to create eCards, invitations and surveys by setting personal preferences.

Setting personal preferences enables you to substantially reduce the amount of time it takes to create eCards, invitations and surveys. Here are the basic preferences that all of our members should set.

eCard Signature. Your signature displays at the bottom of every eCard, invitation and survey you send. It can contain your full name, logo, business contact information and social media links. You should provide all of the information and then choose the items to display by default every time you create an eCard. You will have the option to select/deselect those items when composing your card but in most instances, you will probably use your saved preferences.

If you are sending email outside of your company, you'll need to include basic information in your footer so your eCards don't get flagged as 'SPAM'. You may wish to review the FTC's CAN-SPAM guidelines, which outline U.S. rules for what information must be included.

Set Your Favorite Styles. If your company has official colors, or if you have personal favorites, then you can pre-set the default format for every eCard, invitation and survey you create by choosing a standard background and text color as well as your preferred font. This is especially helpful if you are uploading your own card designs and want to be consistent. You can always adjust these settings when creating each individual eCard, but by setting your preferences, you will have an easy starting point.

Favorite Designs. When you search for a design and see one you will use often, click the "Add to favorites" button so it is always available on your favorites tab when you create a new eCard or invitation.

Set up your Address Book. You can easily import your contacts from popular email programs like Outlook. This feature enables you to quickly address eCards and invitations, and it offers features like first name auto-fill, better tracking, the ability to set anniversary and birthday recurring eCards and more. Once you have contacts in your address book, you can then create "Groups" of contacts by category, which enables a fast, single-click solution to addressing large mailings.

Favorite Messages. Our message helper enables you to create, retrieve, and search for commonly used messages that you can easily insert into your eCards and invitations. These message templates can contain formatting such as color, font size, bulleted lists and hyperlinked text.

Custom Interface Set Up. This option is available to Single Users with a Custom Interface Upgrade and to Multi-user Administrators. This feature enables you to upload a logo and choose the colors to be used throughout the CorpNote site to match your company's specific visual brand identity. You can even customize the footer to contain links to your website and provide additional contact information.

Share Your Card Designs and Templates. As a Multi-User Administrator, you can upload custom card designs into your account, create eCard templates, create favorite messages and then share them with your members. This can save your company lots of time while also encouraging consistency.

For more information, please view our Account Setup tutorial.

If you are a multi-user administrator, please view our Multi-User Administrator Tutorial.

Using Templates

Use templates to quickly customize eCards as the need arises

The key to saving time while also being able to respond quickly to company matters is to anticipate your all of your potential needs, and prepare a template of your correspondence in advance. This is why we recommend using templates so you can quickly customize and send messages as the need arises. The added benefit is that this method can ensure consistency in your communications.

Create eCard templates for various common scenarios such us customer support, sales lead follow ups, appointment reminders, birthdays, thank you for the order etc. We also recommend that you use categories for your templates so you can easily find them when sending an eCard or setting up a recurring eCard series.

If your company wants to create and upload custom art designs for your CorpNote eCards, then plan your year in advance by anticipating (and creating eCard art and templates) for all your needs throughout the year. View our newsletter "Don't Procrastinate - Automate!"

Learn more about creating eCard templates in our tutorials.

QuickSend Speed Templates for Mobile

QuickSend speed templates can be made from any eCard, invitation or survey.

Any eCard, invitation or survey can also be made into a QuickSend Speed Template. QuickSend enables you to send an eCard in less than 30 seconds by using your address book or just a person's name and email address. This feature is great for customer support follow ups, thanking a customer for an order, sales and trade show follow ups and more. The contact will instantly receive your pre-designed eCard complete with your company branding and contact information to encourage further interaction.

Learn more about creating QuickSend eCards in our tutorials.

Recurring Cards for Common Business Communications

Recurring eCards can be set for birthdays and anniversaries and reminders.

Recurring eCards are perfect for ensuring your communications get sent (even if you forget). Recurring eCards make it easy to celebrate birthdays and anniversaries, send reminders and more!

Recurring cards don't have to just be yearly. Here are some examples of types of recurring cards that can be sent monthly or multiple times a year:

Here are more ways our customers are using recurring eCards:

Learn more about creating a recurring eCard series.

Event Reminders and Follow Up

Initiate and follow up on marketing campaigns by using a combination of eCards, invitations and surveys.

CorpNote lets you easily initiate and follow up on campaigns that use a combination of eCards, invitations and surveys. This works great for in-person events like seminars and parties, customer service programs, and sales/marketing campaigns. Here's an example of how you can save time when managing an event.

For invitations, when you send an RSVP eCard to a contact, they are added to your 'Invitations List.' You can then send an eCard (or an eCard template) to all people on your invitation list, people who RSVP's or people who did not RSVP.

When people respond, you can communicate with people in three ways. For those who responded yes, you can send an event reminder eCard (or an eCard template). For those who responded maybe (if you enabled that option), you can send an eCard reminding them to let you know if they are able to attend. For those who responded no, you could send an eCard letting them know of a future event they might be interested in.

On the day of the event, you can refer to your response list to ensure everything runs smoothly.

After the event, you can easily send a follow up thank you eCard and a survey that will help you when planning your next event.

For more information about managing event invitations and responses, please visit our tutorial for sending event invitations and managing guest lists.

The above tips can save time when managing your event communications, but we're sure you will think of more. Please feel free to share with us any additional tips you have found helpful!

Survey Reminders and Follow Up

Online surveys can be distributed  via eCard, your blog, website, social media channels or email.

CorpNote's Online Survey Manager enables you to create and manage surveys that can be distributed via eCard, your website, blog, social media or email. Similar to our RSVP invitations, each time you send a contact your survey for the first time, they are added to your 'Recipient List.' You can then send an eCard (or an eCard template) to all people on this list or people who did not respond. This is helpful for sending a survey reminder eCard follow up.

When people respond to your survey, you can send a follow-up eCard that thanks them for taking the survey, gives the final results of the survey or announces the winners of a prize you offered to people for taking the survey.

For more information about managing surveys, please visit our tutorial for sending online surveys and managing responses.

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