Newsletter: Holiday Gift Giving and Holiday eCards

For businesses, the holiday season is not just about Christmas and Chanukah but it is treated as a non-secular time of year for celebrating. Many businesses have holiday parties and give gifts to celebrate the coming new year and this all falls under the label of 'Season's Greetings.' This newsletter is full of tips for holiday gift giving and celebrating the new year.

Corporate Gifts

Corporate Gift Giving Season's Greetings eCards

The season is upon us where many of us face the task of purchasing corporate gifts for vendors, clients or co-workers. The well intentioned gift giver is faced with the challenge of balancing budget, personal tastes, and political correctness. In addition, many companies have policies for receiving corporate gifts that exceed $25, which can make corporate gift giving more challenging. Whether you're giving gifts to your clients or your employees, here are some great gift ideas that are sure to warm the heart and keep you within budget.

For your clients or employees, make a charitable donation to an organization and announce your efforts in your holiday card or eCard.

Give to the group. You may deal with a specific person at a company but there are lots of people that may work with that person that are just as important. Consider sending your gift to a group of people within a company rather than one person.

Give the gift of a coupon. Your clients might appreciate a coupon off on their next purchase. It can be combined with a traditional gift or included in a gift basket.

Shop local. Consider buying locally grown or organic fruit and making your own gift basket. It's healthy and a sweet treat! Also, many organizations offer holiday-time shopping bazaars that feature local artists and vendors selling their wares, which make for great gift basket adornments and 'Secret Santa' office presents.

Give Yourself a Gift...the Gift of Time!

It's time for holiday eCards

Sending holiday eCards instead of postal cards can save you the time of addressing, stamping and mailing traditional printed greeting cards. But what are some other ways you can save time this holiday season with CorpNote?

Are you organizing a holiday party this year? Give yourself the gift of time savings by using our EZ-RSVP online invitations. No more phone calls, lost emails and Post-it notes. All your party RSVP guest list information will be in one place. You can see as people RSVP, download excel guest lists to make name tags, and send party follow-up surveys to get ideas for next year.

Are you considering end of year customer satisfaction surveys? Before the web, sending surveys and processing responses has never been easy. CorpNote lets you easily design, send, and create survey result reports. Just create your survey, send an eCard asking people to respond to your survey, and then let the CorpNote survey manager do the rest. You'll be providing your company with the gift of valuable end-of-year business data with a minimum of time and effort. Learn more in our survey manager tutorial.

Presents for your Social Media Presence

Wishing you the Happiest of Holidays eCards

Would you like to gift a little social media bling to your followers? Why not post your holiday eCard on your company's social media pages?

Social media is a great way to share your holiday tidings with people even if you don't know their email address. Simply copy and paste the 'direct link' to your eCard into your post for Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn etc. and type the text that you would like to appear in your post. View our social media eCard tutorial for more information.

Many social channels will display a thumbnail image of your eCard design, so it looks nicer than a text only post. (Power User Tip: In your 'sent cards' bin, you can add comments to each eCard which will help you remember the social media channel where you posted the eCard.)

Giving Thanks for Gifts Received

Thank you eCards for holiday gift receiving

While we're all prompt with sending thank you notes for personal gifts; often times, corporate gifts go un-thanked. But not this year! Here are some tips for sending thank you eCards.

Be Punctual. Create a 'thank you' holiday gift eCard template in advance, so you can easily send it immediately when you receive a gift. Learn more in our tutorial on how to create eCard templates.

Be Courteous. If you receive a gift from a company, make sure you thank everyone and not just your main contact.

Be Appreciative. Don't just say thank you. Let the gift giver know what you appreciate about the gift.

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