Newsletter: What's New in Holiday Greeting Cards This Year - Part 1

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When Should You Send Your Holiday eCards?

Sending Seasons Greetings eCards for the holiday season

Many email marketing companies have published statistics that Tuesday is the most popular day for sending emails and has the highest open and click through rates. Does that mean you should send your eCards on Tuesday? In our experience we see a higher open rate for email sent earlier in the week, but not enough of a difference to delay sending an email message that is time sensitive.

We do recommend that our customers avoid sending during peak times like Black Friday and Cyber Monday because your email has a chance of getting ignored in someone's overwhelmed inbox. Most people check their email more during the week so pretty much anytime Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday is optimal. But, even if your 'timing' is excellent, there are other important factors to consider when ensuring your eCard gets through.

CorpNote's motto has always been quality over quantity. First, it is important to verify that your email list is up to date and you have removed any bouncebacks or unsubscribe requests from your last mailing. Second, you need a strong subject line to ensure that your recipients will be prompted to open your email. Good subject lines and a high quality permission-based email list, will always give you the highest success rate. With CorpNote, you will see if someone picks up your eCard within the first 24 hours. If they haven't, you should make sure the email address is current and then send it again within 48 hours using a new, better targeted subject line. (E.g. "You're Invited (second notice) – Your response is required")

Holiday Party Planning

holiday party invitation

We all know that online holiday invitations make holiday party planning much more efficient. If you don't know about CorpNote's event management system, then view our tutorial about the online invitation manager.

Here are CorpNote's holiday party planning tips to help ease the effort of getting through the busy holiday season.

For some fun winter holiday party ideas, check out our Pinterest Holiday Party board.

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