Take your Business to the Next Level with Online Surveys

Easily manage an unlimited number of professional, advertising free online surveys and see your responses in real-time with CorpNote's Online Survey Manager. Online surveys are perfect for gathering information from clients, employees, donors or any group of people that will help you take your business to the next level. Print detailed survey response reports on an individual or aggregate basis and in a variety of formats. You can also send follow-up messages such as a thank you eCard to people who responded.

Here's how it works

Step 1: Create a Survey

Enter your survey questions and customize the type of response you want such as single answer, multiple choice, a rating scale or an open text response.

Create advertising free online surveys that are designed for business.

Step 2: Distribute Your Survey

Send your survey or link to the response form from your website, newsletter or social media.

Send your survey as a trackable eCard or link to the survey response form from social media or your website.

Step 3: Track your Responses

As people respond, view results in real-time, save the data in MS Excel format and send follow-up messages.

View survey results in real-time and send follow up messages to continue to engage your audience.

Why Use CorpNote for your Online Surveys?

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Online Surveys are Perfect For:

  • Customer Satisfaction Surveys

    Getting feedback on your products, services, or company practices can help build your business and your bottom line.
  • Research and Development Surveys

    Learning what new products and services your customers want which can drive innovation and solutions to current needs.
  • Employee Feedback

    Assessing the results of events, initiatives, and training sessions to make sure they're working or if change is needed.
  • Employee Retention

    Gauging employee commitment, motivation and passion for your organization to help with employee retention initiatives.
  • Outreach

    Letting your customers, potential customers and employees know that you care about their opinions and that they can help create meaningful change at your organization.
Share a survey on your website or via an eCard that is customized with your business logo, company colors and contact information.

Top Online Survey Questions

For more information, view our Survey Manager tutorials.

What people are saying about CorpNote

"I wanted to say personally THANK YOU to Michael Miller. He was extremely polite, professional and was eager to meet our needs and went without a doubt the extra mile. He was very patient in explaining the process and made it very user-friendly for us."

~ Marie Busse, Marketing Coordinator, HWA International, Inc.

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