Online Invitations & Event Marketing

Easily create professional online invitations using our email templates or create your own. Embellish your invitations with our image library or upload your own images.

Manage an unlimited number of events, responses and email marketing campaigns for one low monthly price.

Easily create online invitations and real-time RSVP tracking.

Custom invitations • Online RSVP • Real-time reporting

Our event marketing tools can help you achieve success – before, during and after your event.

Send your invitation as an email or link to the sign-up form from an email newsletter, in social media or on your website
  • Send email invitations as an eCard or in an email newsletter
  • Share your invitation in social media or on your website
  • See your guest responses in real time
  • Send updates and reminders to attendees
  • Download and print event guest lists
  • Follow up after events to thank attendees and include an online survey so you can plan your next event
CorpNote lets you manage multiple events at the same time, and saves a history of your past events – so creating new ones is a breeze!
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The CorpNote Online Invitation Difference

Event management is integrated with all our email marketing tools

Event marketing using online invitations requires several steps to be successful. CorpNote gives you all the tools you need to create a professional online invitation and RSVP form, distribute your invitation via email or social, track and manage responses, create reports and guest lists, and communicate with your guests before and after the event.

  • One service, one flat fee – manage an unlimited number of events for a fixed monthly price. You can use all of our tools – email newsletters, business eCards, online invitations and surveys – as much as you like, with no hidden costs.
  • All the tools you need are included – CorpNote can take the place of separate online invitation, online survey and email newsletter services. Enjoy the convenience of having all your contacts and tools in one place while also saving money.

After you send your online invitation, follow up after an event with an online survey.

Customized Online Invitations

Easily create online RSVP forms for any type of event

CorpNote offers many ways to tailor your online invitation form to meet the specific registration needs of your events.

  • Create events that span multiple days
  • Set an RSVP cutoff date and attendee limit number
  • Include location directions or a website link (great for maps or online events like webinars)
  • Ask up to 2 multiple-choice questions, such as meal choice
  • Allow people to bring guests
  • Customize your confirmation message
  • Easily view, print and export attendance lists
  • Distribute your RSVP invitation easily with our eCards and email newsletter templates
  • Encourage participation with event-branded reminders, follow-up messages and more...
Create your event in the online invitation manager and customize your response options.
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Top 4 online invitation questions

Is it hard to create online invitations with RSVP?

No, CorpNote walks you through the steps of creating an online invitation. Once you enter your event details, the invitation can be sent as an eCard, as a link in an email newsletter, shared on social media or posted as a link on your website. When people click the link, they'll see your event RSVP form – which records their replies and provides you with notices and real-time reports.

What do I do if the event information has changed?

As soon as you change your event information, your changes will appear to everyone new that is replying to your online invitation. You can easily notify all of the people you invited (or that have accepted, or not accepted) that you've updated your event information via a new email invitation or email reminder notice. If you've shared the RSVP form directly, the link to the form will automatically display your changes.

If I want to customize my online invitations to target different groups of contacts, can I send multiple versions of invitations for the same event?

Yes. You can create separate online invitations that all link to the same event RSVP form. You can also post a link to your RSVP form in social media, or whatever channels you use for your event marketing, and CorpNote will consolidate all your replies into the same event guest list.

What do I do if people respond by phone, or cancel after they said yes?

You can easily add people to your guest list and edit any guest's registration information from within your CorpNote account, so your list will always be up to date.

Who is using CorpNote?

CorpNote's clients range from established Fortune 500 corporations to small businesses and non-profit organizations. View our Client List and Testimonials
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