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Get instant feedback so you can plan your next steps

CorpNote's suite of email marketing tools includes online surveys that are easy to create, send and share. Manage an unlimited number of surveys for one low monthly price.

Online surveys are easy to create, send and share.

Get Real-Time Feedback

Two-way communication is essential to successful email marketing

Feedback from targeted surveys can help you make the best decisions on where to invest in your company as well as dramatically shape the direction of your organization. Online surveys are perfect for gathering information from clients, employees, donors or any group of people whose feedback can help take your business to the next level.

CorpNote online surveys are perfect for customer satisfaction surveys, employee feedback, event follow-up and more.

With CorpNote's Online Survey Manager, you can manage multiple surveys simultaneously and invite people to take your survey via email, text or shared in social media or on your website.

  • Customer Satisfaction Surveys – get feedback on products, services or company practices
  • Employee Feedback / Event follow-up – assess the results of events, initiatives, and training sessions to make sure they're effective
  • Research and Development Surveys – learn exactly what new products or services your customers want, what ideas are trending and what efforts are showing lack of interest.

Customizable Surveys and Email Templates

Easily create online surveys to get the answers you need

Customize your online surveys with your logo and company colors.
  • Create your survey using a variety of answer formats
  • Send an email inviting people to take your survey
  • Share your survey in social media or on your website
  • View your responses in real time
  • Download reports and analyze your data so you can plan your next steps
  • Send thank you emails to thank respondents for their time

There are no limits on the number of responses you can receive and we offer lots of ways to customize your surveys with your company's branding.

Try CorpNote risk-free with our 10-day money back guarantee - sign up today!

The CorpNote Online Survey Difference

Seamlessly integrated with all our email marketing tools

Our online survey tools work hand-in-hand with our powerful email automation tools and email list management. Keeping track of who received your surveys and when they responded is immediate. At any time you can print detailed survey response reports on an individual or aggregate basis.

  • One service, multiple tools, one flat fee – CorpNote's online surveys were developed alongside our other email marketing tools so they all work seamlessly together. You can easily email surveys as eCards, email notices or email newsletters, and send follow-up messages such as a 'thank you' to people who responded, or a reminder to people who didn't. Unlimited sending, use of all our tools and unlimited survey management are all included in your fixed monthly cost.
  • A complete email marketing solution – CorpNote was created for business, and has evolved over 15 years of hands-on experience in the email marketing and email automation industry. Our suite of affordable online tools lets you do all your email marketing in one place, so you can work smarter – not harder.

Our online surveys provide real-time feedback so you can optimize your next email marketing campaign.

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Top 4 online survey questions

Does your online survey software notify me when I receive a response to my survey?

Yes, this is an option that you can enable in your online survey tools. You will receive an email notification when someone responds to your online survey. This is especially helpful if you aren't checking your account daily.

Can I copy an existing online survey to create a new survey?

Yes, you can create a new online survey by copying an existing survey. You can then edit the survey questions in our online survey tools, and easily distribute it via an eCard, an online newsletter, a link on your website or a post in social media.

How many questions can I have in an online survey?

You can create an online survey with up to 20 questions. Your questions can be multiple choice with 1 answer or multiple answers (check boxes), a rating scale, or an open text box for written answers. You can also get more detailed information by combining the multiple choice or rating scale options with a comments box.

Is there an easy way to re-send an online survey to people who didn't respond?

Yes, by sending your survey as a link in an eCard or email notice you are able to quickly generate a follow up message addressed to people who meet the following criteria: all people on the survey list, people that did not view the email or people who did not respond.

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