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Did you know that CorpNote offers a great feature for people that attend networking events? It's called QuickSend, and it lets you send an eCard with all of your contact information via your smart phone. Here's how it works...
First you create an eCard, using an image like the one above, and animation or an image you create and upload yourself. Then you save it as a QuickSend template, with a customized message and subject line appropriate for the event you will be attending. When you meet someone, all you need to do is type their email address and name into your cell phone and QuickSend will instantly send them out an electronic card with all your business contact information.
Not only will people see your message and company logo, but what they receive will be interactive, with clickable links for your email address, website and even your social media pages. Suddenly all those little cardboard business cards are sooo 1999!

Business Tip:

QuickSend is great for business card swap networking events. Because the message can contain clickable links, it's also a terrific way to promote an event. With just a few key presses you can send someone all of your contact information, a link to your company or organization website, another link that describes your event in more detail, and an online invitation form where they can conveniently RSVP. 

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