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Today's Pic has a little story...
A few months ago, when we launched QuickSend, our mobile phone application, it was my job to get face-to-face with members of our local Chamber of Commerce and use QuickSend in real-world situations. The first step in using QuickSend is to create a couple of eCard templates that you're going to use, that are specific to the event you are attending.
I'm very comfortable creating technical documents and user interfaces, but when it comes to interfacing with humans, I start second-guessing what I am going to say. Then I realized something - as a man, it's a little hard to pick an eCard that you are going to send to another man. With women, I have no problem sending eCards with flowers, designs, puppies or whatever. But I was stuck when it came to choosing an image for a networking template that I could send to dudes. So I went back to the design drawing board...
I wanted a message that was a little personal, but not fluffy. I wanted a QuickSend card that I could send to someone that I just met, who shared a common interest, like art, internet, sports, construction, owning a business or whatever. I also wanted the image to be a photo, because I thought a strong visual would be more memorable. I finally decided upon this image of a bald eagle, which I had taken at an aquarium (go figure) in South Carolina. The eagle was a rescue - a bird that was found injured and nursed back to health. It's a survivor. It's a beautiful animal, and it has a commanding air of nobility that makes it an honorable and appropriate choice as USA's national animal. The deciding factor for me was that this eagle looks like it can kick some serious butt. No guy worth his weight in testosterone could possibly call this bad boy a tweetie bird. It was exactly the kind of image and message that I felt comfortable sending at networking events, using our new QuickSend mobile phone application.
[Editor's note - with QuickSend, or with any CorpNote eCard, you can upload your own photo to personalized your card.]

Business Tip:

This is a masculine card that can be sent as a follow up to networking events, or during an event using your mobile phone and CorpNote's QuickSend feature.

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