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The new year is a spiritual time for entrepreneurs. It's a time when business owners review their prior year's numbers and take stock in what's worked and what hasn't. For many industries, business planning involves making predictions about trends, fashion and technologies.
Regardless of your product or service, it is crucial that your business planning anticipates and addresses the growing or changing needs of your customers. In our industry, for instance, we are seeing an increase in popularity of different web browsers and computer platforms. As cellular connections get quicker and wireless hotspots become more plentiful, more people are browsing the web and accessing email from netbooks, tablets and smart phones. As part of our 'new year' planning, we are outlining our priorities and goals to address our members' requests and technology requirements.
A great tool for finding out what your customers really want is a year-end (or year-beginning) survey. CorpNote lets you easily create and distribute online surveys with multiple choice or essay questions. Surveys can be up to 20 questions. (Our research says you'll get a better response if you limit it to 5 or 6.) The nice thing is that, as people take your online survey, all of the answers get collated in your online account, where you can then sort the data or export it for further analysis. No fuss, no paper and no frustration - it's just valuable data, pure and simple.
So when you are making business plans for the upcoming year, make sure you listen to the people that matter most - your customers. If you have a plan to answer their needs, then you know your business goals are on target!

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