Pic of the Day: January 5, 2012

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We're five days into 2012, and our phones are still buzzing. Not only was 2011 a banner year for online greeting cards, but 2012 is starting out with tremendous interest in online birthday and anniversary cards.
A few days ago we wrote about having a business plan. Based on the calls we've been getting, I am enthusiastic about our members' efforts in 2012. A high number of callers, both current CorpNote members and prospective customers, have been building their client database with birthdays and anniversaries.
December holiday cards are a form of business communications that have become a standard world wide. A birthday or anniversary card campaign doubles the opportunity to keep in touch, and stay at 'top of mind' with your customers and prospects. It's more effort, of course, but once you have a system in place to request and archive your client's birthday and anniversary information, online greeting cards are an easy, automated way to convey the sentiment on their special day.
Speaking of anniversaries, remember there's more than one way to leverage this piece of data. While many often think of wedding anniversaries, an anniversary date can also be the one-year mark from when a customer first did business with your company. You can also use the anniversary date to indicate how long it's been since you delivered a job or product, to see if the customer is still pleased, and to ask if they have any other needs. It's up to you, the nature of your business and, of course, your personal style. 


Today's Pic of the Day is a Flash animation that started life as a single photo of a red American Highway 1 Telecaster against a blue background. The colored background allowed an easy chroma key in Photoshop. (A chroma key is when a color is digitally selected in the image, in this case blue, and a 'key' shape is created that is a perfect outline of the front object, the guitar.) 
With the guitar image separate from the background, a number of effects and filters were applied, including outer glow, inverse image, distort filters and lens flare. The separate images were then sequenced into a repeating loop in Adobe Flash and used as a background for the animated text.*

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