Pic of the Day: October 12, 2012

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Keeping with our Bosses Day theme of employee appreciation, here's an eCard that can be used to send to a Boss or any employee.

Bosses Day is October 16th and it's the perfect time for not only employees to think of their bosses but for bosses to think of their employees too. It takes both parts of a team to be successful!
Check out our Bosses Day newsletter to get ideas on how to celebrate Bosses Day as well as low cost (but meaningful) ways to show appreciation to employees.


This employee appreciation eCard definitely has bling! It was animated in Adobe Photoshop and the final image was exported as an animated GIF. The positive to using animated GIFs is that the image will show on mobile devices that don't allow Flash content such as the iPhone or iPad. 

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Occasions: Employee Appreciation

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