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It's Saturday! Yay, a day of rest and relaxation! It was a hard week and quite frankly I think I deserve a little break.
Wait, this just in... We're having a yard sale this morning. Then we have a soccer game. Then we have a baseball game. Sure, I can stop off at the supermarket on the way home from baseball. Yes, burgers sound good, but I need to get the propane tank filled which I can do between baseball and the market. Walk the dog? No problem - I'll do it right after dinner. Correction - right after I do the dishes after dinner. Whoa, it's dark out. What happened to the day? Quite frankly I think tomorrow I deserve a little break...


This pic was shot at Ringling Bros. circus in Trenton, NJ. The fact that an animal this size can do a head stand amazes me. Can an elephant get a headrush?

Business Tip:

This card has "Customer Service" in mind. Pair this pic up with text like "There's nothing we won't do for our customers" and you have a memorable eCard that will put a smile on their faces.
Hosting a happy hour get together? Send this pic with a caption that says, "Bottoms Up!"

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