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Have you stocked up on candy? Are you going to dress up your home's spooky curb appeal? But most important, do you know what you're costume's going to be?
If you are like me, Halloween remains a favorite holiday even though it's more about the kids... But, our opinion still counts!
GROWNUPS!!! Yes, I'm talking to you. Grownups/Parents, this is your moment TO BE HEARD!!!
This is a quick online survey, just for fun. We'll be posting the statistical results and the most colorful responses in an upcoming Pic of the Day. (Come on, don't be SCARED...)


This pic is a "composite" - an image made up of several different images and all combined into a single image. Photoshop is our main tool for compositing bitmapped images, like photos. For this image we composited a photo of the full moon on a black background, and then overlayed it with a photo of clouds taken with a long exposure at night. The pumpkins in the foreground were shot in our studio with a single, direct light source aimed to emulate the light being cast from the direction of the moon. We used a piece of white foamcore board to bounce a little of the light back onto the camera-side of the pumpkins to give them a slight orange glow. The text font is called Curlz MT, which has an outer glow and stroke from Photoshop's built in layer FX. 

Business Tip:

Use this eCard for office Halloween parties or as a great excuse to 'just stay in touch.' (By the way, lots of people who use CorpNote for business also use it for personal occasions. We're totally cool with that.)

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