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Did you ever confuse Aladdin with Ali Baba?

I used to. I grew up before the Disney people made Aladdin into a mega star. Back then Aladdin and Ali Baba had equal billing, both being major players in the Arabian Nights stories. Just two young working dudes who got into trouble with evil people and magic caves...

Now-a-days Aladdin's everywhere. He's a star of the big screen and a merchandising maniac. Disney really rubbed the magic lamp! Beyond the countless DVD's and soundtracks, you can find Aladdin selling everything from snow globes to travel mugs. We've become so Aladdinized that I'll bet you at least half of the kids in this country under age 16 will answer "Aladdin" if you asked them, "Who said 'Open Sesame?'"

So word has it that Ali Baba had a chance for a role in Disney's 1996 film Aladdin and the King of Thieves, which went on to be the fourth-highest-grossing direct-to-video animated film of all times. Whether it was a contract dispute, or studio politics, we'll never know. But, the bottom line is that Ali Baba was out, and Aladdin faced the 40 thieves by himself. Bupkis for Baba.

Jump to the present, and as life would have it, Ali is alive and doing fine. According to a reliable (?) source, Mr. Baba traded in some of his shekels for a pimped-out Beemer that he calls 'The Flashmobile.' After spending the later part of the 90's driving around the Arabian Peninsula on a self-described "quest to find a good business manager," he eventually headed to mainland Europe, which he described as being "much quieter." He is currently living in Frankfurt, Germany where he is the sole proprietor of a small restaurant. (You've gotta try the Donburger!)


This photograph was taken in Frankfurt, Germany. What you see is what you get.

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