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I'll bet you 'dollars to donuts' that you'e heard this phrase before. 'Dollars to Donuts' implies a bet where one person is so sure of what they are betting on that they are willing to bet their dollars (cost =$1) to the other person's donuts (cost=much, much less than $1).
News flash: donuts are making a comeback. The last I checked, you can still get a donut for under a buck, but who knows how soon that's going to change. Any betters out there? I'm putting my money into donuts!


Donut image was composited in Photoshop by applying a blur to only a portion of the image, and then using the 'warped text tool' to put the text on a curve. 

Business Tip:

Smile! Every message should start with a smile. Got something sweet to say to someone? Choose this pic and just go nuts. Get it? Rhymes with Donuts? Have a fun Tuesday!

eCard Category:
Occasions: Congratulations, Thinking of You/Friendship

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