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There's nothing quite as serene as a being in a canoe that's slipping almost silently through calm water...
We have a little slip on our local park lake where we keep our canoe. This past summer was all about water: trips to the lake, swimming and of course enough rain to make me consider building an ark. This is our last week before we have to put the boat in storage. I guess I'm a little sad that it's the end of the season, but I really like Fall. Fall is a time when Summer's monster plants and shrubs die back and you can see the ground through the hedgerows and the sides of your home through the trees again. When you can see the earth and the foundation, it's easier to visualize the landscaping and gardening projects that you are hoping to do next year. So, as much as Fall is about packing and cleaning up, it also lets you plan and fantasize about the seasons ahead.  


This pic was shot many years back in Martha's Vinyard, MA. This trip was probably one of the last times I shot on film, and the scan of this image needed a LOT of touch up in Photoshop to get rid of dust specs and scratches. (If there is one tool you have to master in Photoshop, it's the clone tool.) The scene was shot in 35mm on a tripod using a time exposure. I love the red blur in the foreground that the moving canoe made in the scene. A two-element starburst filter was used on the lens, which lets you independently dial in the angle of the light flares. 

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