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When I was just a lad, I used to regularly visit my grandma in the Bronx. After eating a box of Cracker Jack, I got to pick toys from the closet in the back room. Even though I knew all the toys in there by heart, Grandma's rule of "only three toys out at a time" taught me some important life lessons.
  1. Think through your actions before you act
  2. Prioritize
  3. Less can be more
I don't ever remember being bored. (By the way, it was OK to put something back and get something new. Like a toy library.)
One of the things that I remember clearly was a little statue of three monkeys, the see no - hear no - speak no triplets. I didn't understand or question their meaning, but they looked cool and always caught my attention. Sometimes I would set them up as spectators and have them watch me play Barrel of Monkeys. To this day it still kind of makes sense.
The Three Monkeys are a visual proverb, with origins in Japan. Originally they were meant to say that seeing no evil, hearing no evil and speaking no evil were virtues. But today, in our culture, the the see no - hear no - speak no evil saying is used as a criticism, meaning someone who does nothing when evil is being perpetrated.
Today's pic of the Day is a goofy take on the Three Monkeys. It started as a plan to get my picky son to eat his tortilla. We started having fun with the food and then the camera came out. The next think you know we're doing the Three Monkey thing. Do me a favor? Follow the "speak no evil" theme and don't tell my mom that I was playing with my food (again)!


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Send this card to send a smile. It's silly and fun, and with all the seriousness in today's world, that's OK. If anyone challenges you, tell 'em I said so.

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