Pic of the Day: October 29, 2011

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Yikes! Where has the time gone? The phones are ringing and people are asking about electronic holiday cards.
Every year it seems that people are starting their holiday season planning earlier. Maybe it's the work of the retailers, putting holiday images in our view ever earlier. The home center had a giant inflatable Santa next to the Fall shrubs 3 weeks ago. Oh, and it's not just the retailers... The weather report for tomorrow says four inches of snow!
Yes, I think there is an even higher power at play. (It's the Weather Channel.)


The shapes that make up the background of this Pic of the Day are all hand drawings that were scanned and placed in the background grid in Photoshop. When the art elements were laid out as desired, the color squares were added and moved around to give the most pleasing result. The sketched elements, which were all black, were selectively reversed to white based on whether they needed to lighten or darken the color squares.

Business Tip:

Electronic holiday cards are a great way to go green for the holiday season.

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Holidays: Season's Greetings

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