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Another birthday is upon you, and yet you seem to remain forever young! While plastic surgery might not be the first-line of defense against aging for the majority, makeup remains a reasonably affordable non-invasive alternative. In fact, beauty care products are so accepted into today's lifestyle that they are grossing multi-hundred-billion dollars in sales for manufacturers. 
Did you know that makeup dates as far back as the ancient Egyptians? In addition to decorating and perfuming the bodies of their deceased, daily makeup for beauty and (other side reasons) was firmly ingrained in ancient Egyptian culture, for both men and women.
The heavily-lined eyes, which have become a trademark of the early Egyptian look, were applied daily. The makeup consisted of a lead powder called galena that was mixed with an oil base, and applied with a stick from the inside to the outside of the closed eye. The dark suspension served as eye protection from the dessert sun, reducing glare, and also acted as a bug repellent. (It was considered a personal grooming taboo back then, worthy of gossip, to have "fly eye.")
In ancient days, people also believed in the "Evil Eye," and felt that an undecorated eye was a point of vulnerability to the soul. The eye liner acted as protection against this unseen foe. Our fascination with the mysterious and sensuous lined eyes of the ancient Egyptians remains to this day and its influences continue to be paid homage by the fashion world.


Today's Pic of the Day is a Flash animation. It was created from pen and ink (marker, actually) drawings that were scanned and prepared in Photoshop, where the color was added. The animation was then choreographed, and type was added, in Flash.

Business Tip:

Send this card only to someone that you know will appreciate the sense of humor. Getting older is, traditionally, a very entertaining theme; but it's not always funny to the person doing the aging! 
A general note on emailing business contacts: If you have someone's personal information, don't assume it is OK to email them. The key to a successful email marketing or customer support presence is using 'permission-based' marketing and sales techniques. When you have your clients update their records, or when establishing new accounts, it's OK to ask them for their email address, but you should also ask for their permission to be contacted via email. 

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