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The crazy weather so far this year in the Eastern US with Hurricane Sandy has prompted me not to procrastinate and to be appreciative!  I have decided to give thanks throughout November, instead of saving it up for that "one big night of thanks" otherwise know as Thanksgiving. Here's my plan:
  1. Eat dessert. Instead of trying to eat four desserts on one night, I am going to treat myself to one lavish dessert each night of Thanksgiving week.

  2. Talk with (or email) my family/relatives more often. It's always good to get together with loved ones for a one-night feast, but I always leave thinking I didn't get to talk to someone as thoroughly as I should have. There's nothing stopping me from picking up the phone or sending an email (or eCard) any time of year!

  3. Appreciate electricity and heat. November is a beautiful time of year but evenings in my part of the US will be darker, the weather colder and wetter and the traffic (and tempers) will increase to new levels with the impending 'Season of Giving.' I have made up my mind to give thanks for my electricity and heat and I will capture a mental Zen moment that I can recall for when the traffic increases and my patience decreases.
I had a few more things I was going to mention, but they are not coming to me right now. I guess that's another thing I should be thankful for. I should be thankful for whatever memory I have left!


The guinea fowl in this photo (no, they're not turkeys) were silhouetted, and the brown-green gradient in the background was added for a little color bling. Text was set in Photoshop over a voice bubble drawn using the pen tool, an essential tool to master for anyone working with vector graphic software like Illustrator or Flash. 

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Send this card as an informal Thanksgiving card to friends and coworkers.

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