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Have you developed business relationships where you communicate through social media? Like me, the answer is probably "yes," and it's a very different way of doing business. Fading fast are written thank you notes, phone calls and even traditional email. Yikes, the technology climate is changing the landscape whether we want it to or not.

Today's Pic is a refreshing end-of-year reminder that its people that make relationships successful and that social media is only a part of the mix. Sometimes you need to slow down, step back, look around and breathe in deeply – and get your face away from that little electronic screen! (Yes, I know, it's ironic that we are saying this in an electronic greeting card.)


 Today's pic is a Flash animated eCard that used a combination of Illustrator, Photoshop and Flash. The satirical social media logos were designed as vector graphics in Illustrator, and then brought into Photoshop for rendering as Bitmapped images with effects. The remainder of the text was also created and rendered in Photoshop, and exported as PNG files before they were imported into Flash for animation.

Business Tip: Whether you use social media, or just like poking fun at it, this end-of-year holiday and New Year's eCard is an appropriate message for all business contacts.

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