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"Behold the scrumptious temptations that adorn the groaning board of the Thanksgiving feast..."
Translation: We're going to put so much food on our seldom-used dining room table that you can hear the wood creak under its weight. For this night, and the following days of leftovers, all diets and sense of balanced nutrition are off. (No questions asked.)
Why do we put our bodies and our souls through this? To give thanks for the harvest; the thoughts of appreciation for the season behind us and the year ahead? To bask in the glow of the love of family, friends and undocumented distant cousins? Of course!
But there is an underlying thought that has been creeping into my mind on Thanksgiving night, in the few years past. Thanksgiving has become... my 'Black Friday' warm-up meal. Sorry to say, but I've caught the Black Friday Bug, and it's affecting my decisions. My food choices at the Thanksgiving table now have to answer to my internal logic system, which is always posing questions:
  • "If I eat this, how will it affect me at 3 a.m.?"
  • "Will an extra helping of carrots help me read items on the top shelf?"
  • "Do the cookies with the chocolate middle provide time release caffeine?"
I know it's a little pathetic and self-centered. But there's nothing like coming home with two big Santa bags of goodies slung over your shoulders, and seeing the looks of curiosity on the faces of your sleepy-eyed family! Bask in the moment, and then go take a nap.


The leaves on this card were scanned, effected and composited, using texture filters, levels of opacity and drop shadows to create the illusion of depth and motion. 

Business Tip:

Lots of people send Thanksgiving cards, in addition to Happy Holidays and Happy New Year cards, as a great way to stay in touch. (Retailers - remember that many businesses need to make their end-of-year purchases, and a Thanksgiving card is a great way for you to be remembered and move to the top of their list.)

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