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The beauty of stone! It's a wonderful building material, and it gives a sense of nobility and permanence to just about anything man has built with it. It's also a fun word with lots of meanings!
  1. Stone... a piece of rock like a pebble, only a bit bigger.
  2. Stone... a piece of rock like a pebble, only much, much, much smaller and painful (as in 'kidney...').
  3. Stone... a great tough-guy nickname, made even tougher when paired with the word 'cold.'
  4. Stone... a great tough-guy nickname for the hard center pit of a peach, which would be a totally wimpy fruit if it didn't have one.
  5. Stone(d)... a term made popular in the 1960's by a culture seeking to experience extremes in physical, creative and socio-rebellious behavior. Often accompanied by laughter, excessive junk food consumption and math errors.
  6. Stone(d)... a term made popular in the 1060's. Pretty much the exact opposite experience as item 5, above.
  7. Stone... a British unit of weight, used almost exclusively to describe the weight of a person or a horse. One stone weighs 14 pounds (which is not to be confused with the British unit of currency, also called the pound).
So, now that you know all that, you can probably follow this example. If you were to build the stone tower in today's Pic, in England, it would require 71,500 stone of stone, which at 5 pounds a pound would equal 5 million pounds. (I hope my math is correct.)


The funny thing about being in the greeting card business is that you develop an eye not only for interesting photos, but for images that leave a place to put text or logos.
Today's pic is all about angles and texture. It's hard to convincingly wrap text onto a photo of a curved object, so it helps to pick subjects with well defined straight lines and flat faces. But even square subjects can be difficult to digitally wrap with graphics if taken at complex angles. While the angle of this tower was extreme, centering the tower in the view and keeping the horizontal lines parallel to the horizon made it fairly easy to match the text to the perspective lines. It required more time to create the right text color and blending (which lets the stone's texture show through), and to match the lighting angle of the text bevel, so it looks like the 'carved' text is being illuminated by the sun, at the same angle as it's striking the tower.

Business Tip:

This is a great 'end of year' card to send to associates if you are looking to be totally non-denominational in your holiday card selection.

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Holidays: New Year, Season's Greetings

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