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Gobble is one of those fun words with multiple meanings. Making it even more fun is its connection to Thanksgiving!
The traditional Thanksgiving turkey is known as saying, "gobble, gobble." In this use, gobble is an onomatopoeia: a word that is formed by the sound it imitates. (Being somewhat in denial of the source of cooked turkey, this is a sound that I don't really want to think about or actually hear the day of the feast.)
Once the food hits the table, I am ready to 'gobble' in the next sense of the word: "to swallow or eat greedily". Mind your manners and pass the gravy.
Mmm, that was yummy. I over-ate (again) probably because, in my gobbling, the food went in quicker than my brain could process.
With company gone, pots scrubbed and dishes put away, we turn to the third form of gobbling: "to rapidly consume or acquire, often followed by the word 'up'". If you've read this Pic of the Day before, you know what I'm saying... Black Friday. It's time to hit the stores or hit the websites and gobble up some of the best deals of the year.
I'm not sure what the plow owner of today's pic is ready to gobble up, but I know I don't want to be in his way!


Today's pic was a random sighting photographed while joy riding around the greater Ithaca, NY area.

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