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There, I've said it. It's official: the recession is over.
I know it's a grand claim, but let me substantiate.
  • Our local paper says that the unemployment rate has dropped for three consecutive months.
  • I've seen people waiting for mass transportation wearing business attire again.
  • And my final proof is that I can't get a contractor to give me a quote on my shower doors or my crumbling deck. They all must be busy constructing.
This time of year I get lots of calls from prospective CorpNote customers, asking if they have to sign up for a year of our service. Our policy is that you can use CorpNote month-to-month (we do recurring billing until you tell us to terminate the membership). Since there are benefits to keeping your membership current, like remembering address book entries and 'card sent' history, people often ask how they can use the service beyond the holidays.

When I mention customer service, and overwhelming majority say that they are interested, and many say that they have considered doing customer service follow-up satisfaction surveys. When I ask what's stopping them, they usually reply that time constraints are their nemesis, or some simply say they have no idea how to get started.
Well, my dear citizens, help has arrived and its name is 'CorpNote.' All of our members have full access to an online tool we've created called (drum roll, please) Online Surveys. If you have to ask what it does, then I have to rethink what I do for a living. Online Surveys lets you create an online survey (duh), up to 20 multiple choice or written answers, and send it electronically via an eCard. As people take the survey, the responses get recorded in a database in your personal CorpNote account. When you are logged in, you can view results, generate several versions of reports, and export the data to Excel  of other spreadsheets for further analysis.
If you want the full scoop on our Online Survey tool, click here to view our step-by step tutorial.

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