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The birds are in a panic. Particularly upset, it seems, are the blue jays. Since the freakishly early northeast snowstorm, I've seen many of these emotive little critters, and they all mean business. GET READY FOR WINTER! I wonder what effect the sudden season change will have on all our fine feathered friends...
(Note to self: fill the bird feeders.)


Fall is a great time to take bird photos, and blue jays make great photo subjects. 
Here are some tips to consider when blue jays are your photo subjects:
  1. Get your tripod out of the closet. Use it. 
  2. If you have an SLR, this is a great opportunity to use your best telephoto lens. If you don't have interchangeable lenses, zoom in all the way. Your tripod will remove the blur associated with long-zoom shots caused by hand shake.
  3. Blue jays are typically not shy. You can get pretty close to them and shoot (photos). The click of an SLR makes them curious, and they will often look right at you when they hear it. Be ready to shoot again. 
  4. Turn off your flash. This will spook them.
  5. When perched, jays will strike a slightly different pose every 2-3 seconds. If your camera allows it, use your manual focus and have your shutter and aperture settings pre-set to the proper lighting conditions so you can rapidly get lots of images.
  6. When you are back at your computer screen you are going to notice a huge difference between shots that, in the viewfinder, looked almost identical. Take lots of photos and then pick your absolute favorite! 

Business Tip:

You don't have to wait until the "holidays" to send out an eCard to your clients or friends. If you do proposals, consider sending out a card like today's pic to anyone that's "on the fence" just to stay in touch.

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