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Originally designed as a wedding anniversary card, today's pic has been used for a wide variety of "non-wedding" applications. Here is a sampling of creative ways to use an anniversary card, to get your communications juices flowing:
  • Job Anniversaries: send anniversary cards to your employees. (A raise doesn't hurt, either.)
  • Being in Business Anniversaries: If you know when a vendor's company opened, send the owner an anniversary card with congratulations. This is especially important to entrepreneurs in the first few years of business.
  • Customer anniversaries: tell a client that it's been 1 year since you last did business. Thank them again, and ask that they think of you, or if they currently have any needs they want to discuss.
  •  Customer service follow-up: if you sell a product or a service then use an anniversary card to send a customer service follow-up survey


Digital art often imitates the qualities of traditional printing. This pic emulates several classical printing techniques in order to give a traditional print feel.
  • Texture - real paper is available in a variety of textures or finishes. Most digital imaging software lets you apply textures based on different paper styles. Keep it subtle - over-use of texture will be distracting and will shatter the illusion.
  • Embossing - embossing is a process where paper is compressed over a mold, creating a 3-D effect. Embossing is often used in print as a border, to 'raise' text or to emphasize the outline of a picture or graphic element. As with any 3-D effect, you should think about the direction, height and intensity of your virtual lighting source. Like texture, subtlety is key in creating your illusion.
  • Engraving - engraving is a printing technique that applies sharp, high-contrast (usually black) line artwork to the paper. Engraving goes back to early printing techniques, where all you had was black and white. Middle-tones (grays) were created by carefully spacing the thin black lines with varying amounts of white between them.
When you receive printed holiday cards this year, take a close look at them and see if you can identify any of these techniques. You may see others, like foil embossing (silvery or metallic print) and varnishing (makes certain parts of the image shiny). Keep your favorites for reference and use them as models the next time you want to create believable 'print' styles using digital art.

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