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Did you ever forget what you were going to say in a conversation? I spend a lot of time on the phone, often talking to groups of people. When I have an inspirational thought and I am on a conference call, I will write things down so I don't forget. I find this particularly helpful when there are multiple people on the line, and the conversation is going in different directions. If the timing for my thought isn't right at the moment, then I let the conversation play out and then return to what I wanted to say.
Sometimes things don't work out so pretty. As I get older, it seem that my thoughts are somehow more slippery. I'll have a particularly clever idea in my mind, and before I get to say it or write it down it slips behind the couch. I know it's there, but I can't see it or reach it. When this happens in private I reenact whatever I was doing when I had the bright idea, and about 3/4 of the time I can retrieve my thoughts. The rest of my lost thoughts usually come back to me if I stop trying to remember. Of course, they can come back at any time, often in the middle of a totally unrelated activity. When this happens I just grab a pen and write it down. Now if I can only remember where I put that darn notepad...   


This pic was created in Photoshop, and makes creative use of gradients to simulate light, shadow and 3-D perspective. Some of the details that help create the illusion are the darker center in the gradient on the floor below the lightbulb (the shadow of the metal bulb base) and the gradient fill in the back 'perspective' layer of the text, which goes from light to dark as the text gets farther form the bulb.

Business Tip:

It is human to err, and 'blank moments' happen to us all. An answer, forgotten name or idea can come back to us in a flash. This is a great eCard to send to someone as a follow up. Send it quick, before you forget! 

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Occasions: Apology / Sorry, Great Idea

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