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Mmm, imagine the tart earthy sweetness of a chilled white wine on a mild summer day. Sneak an almost imperceptible sniff as you lift the glass to your mouth. Feel the coolness on your lip, heightened by the slightest indication of effervescence. As the first taste of refreshing liquid enters your mouth, you are surprised by at least five..., no, six distinct flavors; as unique as each taste is, within seconds they come together like different instruments in a symphony, each playing their own note and yet creating a blend of feeling and experience that is more than the sum of their individual parts. You swallow, and a gentle, welcomed warmth follows the coolness of the liquid, first travelling down and then radiating outward, as if massaging your soul.
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When taking photos of reflective objects, remember that the image outside of the lens' view will become part of the scene. Today's pic was staged to include the roof line, visible in the glass, as a subconscious architectural element. Architecture traditionally attempts to blend the soft curves and textures of nature with the order and authority of straight lines and right angles. The next time you are taking nature photos think about adding intrigue to your image by finding objects in your view that can add straight lines and angles to an otherwise flowing photo.   

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Lilies aren't just for summer! This pic remains a favorite image for holiday party invitations throughout the year.

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