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I love colored glass. And there's no better way to share this art form than by putting it in a stained glass window. Just think about it: how many types of art can you display that can be enjoyed on both the inside and the outside?
Here are some fun facts about stained glass.
  • Glass is colored by adding metallic salts to the glass during its manufacture
  • We've been making glass to use as windows since the year 900
  • Before electricity, windows and fire were the main source of interior illumination. Windows were a luxury.
  • Early glass windows were made up of many smaller pieces of glass separated by metal strips, since glass could not be manufactured to cover large expanses with optical clarity. The creation of geometric shapes and images within the glass pieces was an art form born out of this necessity
  • Biblical themes became a popular story told in stained glass, as wealthy governments commissioned large glass panels for cathedrals and government buildings as a way of educating a largely illiterate population.  


Today's animated card started as a vector Illustrator image of the lead frame around the glass. The outside scene, wood panel and glass panels were all created in Photoshop using a variety of techniques and effects. Bitmapped files were then exported in pieces as .PNG files, where they were brought into Flash and animated.

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