Pic of the Day: February 1, 2012

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Happy February! I'm staring out the window of my Pennsylvania office and I've just seen something that is pretty cool...
The daffodils have popped up out of the ground. While I like the warmer winter weather, I'm a little concerned that it's going to mess up the display of our bulbs when the real spring finally arrives. We can't change it, so we may as well enjoy it!


Today's pic is a photo of decking covered by a fresh dusting of snow. The text was added in Photoshop.
When adding text to a photo, there are some subtle considerations you can make that makes the composited image "work," and this image has two items that specifically illustrate this point. But you have to look closely!
First, the color of the text should complement the photo. You need to pick a text color that gives you enough contrast to stand out and be legible from the background, while also fitting in with the images natural color palate. In this image, we arrived at the blue text by sampling the shadow of the snow and adding chroma (color).
The second visual trick was adding a contoured edge to the text, and positioning it so it looks like it is a part of the photo. One of the things that make the original photo cool (no pun intended) is that the sun was hitting the snow from a low angle, emphasizing the nuances of the boards below. To make the text "fit" this image, we were careful to match the direction of the light source when we created the bevel.  While the exact position of the light source is hard to determine, it is coming from above and to the left. When you are placing text on a photo, consider the origin of the lighting source for all your bevels, and drop shadows too! 

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