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You went to work, looked forward to having another cup of coffee, and bam. Somehow, something went completely different than expected.
Or maybe you can identify with this story shared by one of our members...
The New Year sometimes brings New Year's resolutions. Not just personal ones but business ones that come from higher up. Your boss or his boss or someone's boss came up with some New Year's resolution that he thought would make everyone's life at the office soooo much better. Well, this Pic of the Day is dedicated to you. Hang in there!
Just another relaxing day at the office...If it were only that simple!


The photo was shot with a Nikon and was added to our blank notecards section. But then a clever employee, who was having just one of those days, took the photo, animated the steam and text and added the sound effects. It gave us all a giggle and is now one of our most popular eCards in the 'humorous' section.

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Occasions: Frustration, Funny / Humorous, Relax Holidays: April Fool's Day

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