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In preparation for our new birthday ecard features, due to be released next month, we've added a couple of new birthday eCards and will have more soon.
Did you know Sonny Bono, Ice-T and John McEnroe were born on February 16th? These people are all under the sign of Aquarius but it's not readily coming to me what they all have in common other than being famous!
Did you know on this date in 1923, the burial chamber of King Tutankhamen’s was unsealed in Egypt?
When you send a birthday eCard consider sending a fact or two about the day such as who was born on that date (Wikipedia is a good resource) or  what famous event happened on that date (the NY Times has an 'on this day' section).
Keep your eCards interesting and make someone smile today!


This Birthday eCard was created in Adove illustrator. the color choices of blue, green and yellow keep the design gender neutral.

Business Tip:

Birthday eCards are a great way of keeping in touch with clients and colleagues.

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