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I attended a business seminar last night that focused on going green from a green living perspective. The agenda covered intelligent, energy-efficient home and business designs that conserves power and makes the most of renewable energy sources. Solar energy for heat generation and electricity were hot topics (pun excused), including controlled use of sun's twin brother, shade.
Through all of the festivities, I saw a steady flow of paper exchanged. Through all of the energy conservation presentations, I sat there thinking, "how much paper was handed out tonight, and where will it end up tomorrow?" Don't get me wrong - the presentations were top-notch and thought provoking. My paper preoccupation was one of those back-of-mind issues that I am thinking about today more than yesterday. Enough to mention in my blog? You bet! Click here to read more...
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Watercolor and ink drawing by Sarah Miller, President of CorpNote.com. Original art was scanned, and text banner was added in Photoshop.

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