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CorpNote is a business focused service but that doesn't mean we have to be boring in our eCard designs or that people don't use CorpNote for personal use. When we first started CorpNote in 2004, we had a tagline that said something like "eCards for business - no dancing bunnies." But...We discovered over the years that people love cute and funny no matter what the setting. So even though we said no dancing bunnies (we held true to that) we never said anything about no dancing cats!
We created this Cool Cat eCard for invitations but people have also used it for sales and promotions. This could even be a fun way to announce the launch of a new product or service. Of course, this depends on how 'casual' the announcement can be.
We had a lot of fun making this card and we hope you have as much fun sending it.


This card originally started as a doodle/sketch created at a CorpNote meeting. What? I can listen and doodle at the same time :)  The illustration was then drawn directly in Flash as well as the party setting and disco ball. The disco ball and reflections was the most fun part of making this card! The music was composed digitally and then brought into Flash.

Business Tip:

Casual party invitations, sales/ promotions and announcements.

eCard Category:
Occasions: Invitations

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