Pic of the Day: April 16, 2015

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Some images speak for themselves. They don't need words to convey a thought. I chose today's pic because it has several elements that I enjoy in a photo. (In no particular order)
  • Color - lots of it, in a well matched palette of hues
  • Texture - although this photo is effected to simulate water color paint, the original photo was rich in textures, primarily because of the dense green foliage that surrounds the subject.
  • Youthful exuberance - the young girl in this photo can barely see through the looking glass. You can almost feel her concentration as she reaches up on tippy-toes. Youthfulness always adds an honesty and modesty to a photo, and I think this photo captures the important element of curiosity.
  • Hardscape, surrounded by nature. I love the way that the plants and flowers are almost taking over the looking glass fixtures. But the scopes are well made, and have probably weathered many seasons in their garden vantage point. It makes me feel proud to be in a society where we can build quality machines mixed in with nature, and retain the aesthetic where nature and man-made look like they were always meant to coexist.
  • Wonder - What is the girl looking at? What vista must be beyond the frame of the photo that is so beautiful that, not one, but two telescopes are mounted to look at it? It makes me want to learn more, and wish that I was in the picture.
Not every photo has to be a 'picture of a thing' that's definable. The next time you are out photo-bugging, look for scenes that tell a story, but not the whole story. Completing the story in your mind at a later time is one of life's creative joys, and it becomes more fun when you can share it with others.


This photo was taken as a digital image, most probably in North or South Carolina in the late 2000's. The image was effected with the Artistic Paint filters in Photoshop's filter gallery.

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