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It's officially of May and lots of people are sending birthday cards! Here's a fun fact – did you know that rainbows can only occur in the morning or the evening when the sun is low? If there's a passing storm and the sun comes out while the sky is still rainy in another part of the sky, then put the sun to your back and see if you can spot the rainbow forming. Rainbows can appear all at once, or form from the top to the ground or vice versa.

Comments: Here's a new animated eCard that's based on one of our past designs of a photo of a rainbow. We've added some motion and text animation for 'bling,' and brightened up the skies and the rainbow for a little more color oomph. Then all the parts were taken into Flash and animated to add perspective and a sense of motion to the image.

Business Tip:

This card is appropriate for businesses and friends/family birthday occasions.

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Occasions: Birthday

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