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Nothing says "I care" more than a personal phone call. But let's face it, if you are organizing 117 different appointments next week, you just don't have the time to pick up the phone and call everyone with a personal reminder. The next best thing is to send them a picture of someone making a personalized phone call reminder!
With CorpNote, you can quickly and easily send reminders now or schedule them for any future date. Reminding people about events, appointments or upcoming sales has never been so easy! 


One of the foundations of our business is that we try to make ourselves accessible, and we've always published our phone number on our website. This is not the norm for online companies, and it's one of the ways we try to be different. This photo shoot was originally intended for our marketing use, on our customer support page. Our model was so gracious and accommodating that we were able to turn many of the shots into eCards for a variety of business occasions.

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Appointment reminders, meeting reminders and any time you have a social engagement and you want to confirm the time and place.

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