Pic of the Day: July 25, 2016

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There has been a debate between the Corpnote staff for years that remains unsettled. "Are M&M's considered food?"
On the 'Yes' side of the argument:
  • You can eat them (with or for lunch) and the hungry feeling goes away
  • They taste good
  • Our parents let us have them, so they must be OK
On the not-so-yes side:
  • They are more brightly colored than their closest 'real food' counterpart (reds are just a little redder than a red pepper, greens are a step ahead in chroma saturation than peas or beans)
  • Thermal-resistent protective coating
  • You have to eat the logo
Please don't call your congressperson just yet. We understand the national nutrition and obesity education concepts. We're just saying...
Possibly coming next month - the debate on whether M&M's with almonds can be considered a breakfast food.


When shooting a photo of anything that's reflective, a photographer has to think of what the reflected light sources are going to look like. When you look at studio photography, notice the reflections of the light sources. In the photo above, we used a single "light box" to illuminate the candy from left, at a low angle. Imaging the complexity of lighting a large reflective object with lots of curves and shiny surfaces, without 'giving away' the lights, light stands and photographer in the reflections. Here's a fun family activity: Take a look at photographs of automobiles on the manufacturer's websites and see if you can guess what kind of lighting they used to make the product look so awesome, and not like it's in a photo studio.

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