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It Might be Summer but Not Everyone is on Vacation     view archive

Many people assume that summer in the United States means that business slows down and everyone is on vacation. It might be true that summer is a popular time to take a vacation but it's not for more than a week or two. What are they doing the other 8 or so weeks of summer? Probably working.

eCards are a great way to keep in touch during the summer months. Your recipient's inbox isn't as flooded as it is during the holiday season and they may have a slightly lighter work load during the summer months (depending on what they do for a living of course!) These are all good factors in not only getting your message into someone's inbox but actually having the time to open it!

Don't let the summer months deter your keeping in touch with prospects and customers. Many business have "Christmas in July" sales and even Amazon.com is joining in the fun this year. On July 15th, they are boasting that they will offer more deals than Black Friday. You have to be an Amazon Prime member but kudos to the Amazon marketing team for reminding us all that summer doesn't have to be slow for business. They will probably sell more Prime memberships out of the deal! What summer promotions can you dream up for your business?


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