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Here's to all the summer birthdays out there. I know there's lots, because birthdays are one of the most popular card types sent during summer. I don't know whether a summer birthday is a good thing or a bad thing as a grown up, but I know that as a kid, I used to bring cupcakes into school on my birthday. I never thought about it until now, but do summer birthday's miss out on this rite of passage? For a kid, summer birthdays would have their advantages, too. A summer birthday means a summer birthday party, and with warm weather almost guaranteed, the possibilities for outdoor fun are unlimited! (I'm a November birthday boy, so my parties as a kid weren't very out-doorsey.) Nomatter the month, have a happy and fun birthday!


Today's pic is an animated GIF - a web graphic format that's been around for quite a long time. Because of its longevity, an animated GIF is highly compatible with all browser technology. Therefore it is an animation that can be seen on virtually all types of computers, cell phones and tablets, including Apple's iPhone and iPad, that don't 'play nice' with Adobe Flash, and therefore can't display Flash animations.
Animated GIF's are a lot like the old "flipbook" animation technique, where you create a series of frames that make up hte animation. Some of the variables you can control in an animated GIF are the number of frames, how long each frame is displayed for, and whether the animation plays once, loops a certain number of times or loops indefinitely.

Business Tip:

Today's pic is a great card to use for employee and customer birthday greetings. The design is professional, playful without being cute or too feminine, and has a touch of 'technology humor' in its texting shorthand message.

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