Pic of the Day: August 6, 2012

NASA's Curiosity Lands On Mars     view archive

Wow - what a great day for space exploration! Believe it or not, the Curiosity rover was launched from Cape Canaveral around Thanksgiving last year and it successfully landed on Mars today. That's a long time to travel!
The Curiosity rover's goal is to investigate the climate and geology of Mars and to see if there were ever favorable environmental conditions to support microbial life. Pretty cool huh? Even though Mars has some similar characteristics to Earth, including water and seasons, don't expect to visit Mars anytime soon. Mars consists mostly of carbon dioxide and contains only traces of oxygen and water. It is also gets extremely cold. Temps range from -140F to 95F. But you never know what the future might bring!
Congratulations NASA! You may want to check their Facebook page to get some really cool inside stories and pics (facebook.com/NASA).

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