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New Whimsical Holiday eCard for Season's Greetings

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The new holiday eCard line starts coming out this week. The eCard colors and themes for the Fall holidays (from Halloween to Thanksgiving to Season's Greetings) are rich, bright colors but some will be monochrome like this one.

This new Season's Greetings holiday eCard is whimsical and fun but we will also have the traditional corporate holiday eCard selection as well. You can expect new eCards to come out from now until a few days before the New Year. We will have designs for those that like simple non animated eCard designs but we will also have a great selection of animated holiday eCards. Stay tuned!


This Season's Greetings holiday eCard was created in Adobe Illustrator. Did you know you can create your own eCard designs and upload them into your CorpNote account? Check out our tutorials to learn more about how to create your own eCards from photos or artwork.

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