Pic of the Day: September 6, 2016

It may still be summer but it's time to start planning your holiday invitations     view archive

Many of our members are already creating and scheduling their winter holiday party invitations. That's what inspired this new invitation eCard but it can be used for almost any elegant event. Did you know you can include questions like meal choice in your invitations? Check out our invitations tutorial for more details.

Our online invitations feature comes as part of your membership so you can easily send your holiday eCards and invitations all from one service. It's easy to compose and address all of your holiday eCards and invitations now. If you like one of our new Season's Greetings eCards or New Year's eCards better, no problem! You can change the eCard design at any time in the future before the eCard is scheduled to be sent.

Also, check out our Pinterest boards for winter holiday entertaining ideas. Follow us on Facebook and LinkedIn to get our latest eCard and party invitation tips and card designs.


Did you know that our online invitations can be used for seminars, training sessions and even staff meetings? Not only is it more economical and 'green,' but people can easily RSVP online and you can then download your consolidated guest list to confirm attendance and follow up after the event.

Business Tip:

Ask your customers what they want to learn more about and create a seminar or online training session to address those needs. Online invitations make it easy to track attendance and the event will keep your company 'top of mind' when they need your product or service.

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