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I love Social Media! Everyone loves Social Media! If you don't have Social Media, then you have to get yourself some Social Media!
And so the story goes. Social Media is hot, and it's here to stay. Social media is a great way to meet people, find out the latest info and find that long-lost roommate from 1988.
Social Media can also be a big time sucker. Sluuurrrrrppp! Where did the last hour go? Hopefully the time you are spending is enjoyable and profitable. You can connect with so many people quickly that it makes me wonder if the quality of those connections suffers. So what does all this have to do with the Pic of the Day? Here's some tips to help you make the most of your time: 
  • Set aside a regular time in the day or week to check your social media channels, do your posts and respond to requests.
  • Because of the immediacy of social media, people expect a quick reply. Make sure you balance your time or else social media can quickly cut into the effectiveness of your other responsibilities.
  • If you make a contact via social media, sometimes it makes sense to 'continue the conversation' offline - via email, text, phone or a good old-fashioned face-to-face get together.

Remember, it's not the number of friends you have, but the quality of those friendships that make up the real fabric of your life. 


Today's Pic is an animated Flash eCard. The background was created in Illustrator, and the animated text was generated in Wildform's WildFX. The elements were combined and timed out in Flash.
Attention iPhone and iPad users: As of this entry, Adobe Flash still cannot run on the Apple iPhone or iPad. Since we have many animated Flash cards in CorpNote, we will be adding static versions of some of our most popular animated cards to CorpNote in the future, just for our iOS community.

Business Tip:

Keeping the lines of communication open is what this design is all about. Each CorpNote eCard lets the sender display their email address, company, slogan, website, phone and social media links (Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, LinkedIn) in the footer of each eCard.
So if someone tells you that they didn't know how to reach you, you can tell them to xxx (removed by the editor). 

eCard Category:
Occasions: Greetings, Sales / Customer Support, Thinking of You/Friendship

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