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When you're wishing someone a Happy Birthday...

There's a reason birthdays are special! Birthdays are celebrated all over the world and many religions also celebrate the birthdays of their founders. Birthdays are also a rite of passage in some countries where the birthdate determines someone's community status and their rights, such as the legal voting or drinking age.
Birthdays are always special (yay we made it another year) and birthday cards never get old. I never hear that people are upset when they receive a birthday card but I do hear people gripe when people forget their birthday! So, don't forget to keep your calendar up to date with birthdays of your friends, family, customers, employees and vendors.
And now with CorpNote's new recurring eCard feature, you will never forget to send a birthday eCard again! So, go on, send a little 'bling' to someone on their special day by sending a CorpNote birthday eCard like this pic of the day or upload your own photo or image.


This birthday eCard was created in Adobe Illustrator with various effects added to make the balloons appear transparent.

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Occasions: Birthday

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