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Valentine’s Day is Next Week

Even though CorpNote is primarily used for business eCards and invitations, our customers also send our greeting cards to family and friends. Today's Pic of the Day is perfect for business or personal use. From spouses and significant others, to parents and siblings, you can easily start with one of our designs and compose the perfect message in your eCard.

If Valentine’s Day tends to sneak up on you and you sometimes forget to send your holiday wishes when you meant to, no problem! CorpNote's new Recurring Card feature enables you to automate sending a different Valentine’s Day eCard year after year to your contacts. No long-term memory required! There is no limit to how many recurring eCard campaigns you can set up, so you can use recurring eCards for every holiday if you wish!


This new eCard is part of our glimmering gold series. The card was entirely produced in Photoshop with great attention to creating a believable gold effect, hand adjusting the reflections, surface bevels and color gradients to make them look their best and stand out from the background.

The background is a simulated theater curtain, complete with billowing folds and a subtle spotlight effect that, when paired with the detailed text and foreground image, create an upscale renaissance-like message.

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Holidays: Valentine's Day

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Red fabric with gold heart flourish wishing you a Happy Valentines Day

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