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Customers Don't Grow on Trees

Something happened to me right around 5th grade… the act of giving Valentine Cards became awkward. What in past years had been a perfectly good reason for giving and receiving candy, the holiday took a sudden twist when I realized it was about love and relationships. Scary!
Jump ahead a few decades and Valentine's Day has a whole new meaning. Here at CorpNote, we use Valentine's Day as a time to reach out and thank our customers for their business, and to let them know how much we love having them as a client. It's a great tradition, and it really warms up the long months of winter with a smile and a heartfelt sentiment.
Share the love with your favorite customers by sending them a Valentine's Day eCard and let us know how it goes. I'll bet you'll make them smile!


The 'tree of love' was drawn using Copic markers on Strathmore Marker Paper. The art was scanned and scaled in Photoshop, where the text was added.

Business Tip:

This Valentine's Day you can send eCards to your clients telling them that you love having them as a customer. A promotion or coupon in the eCard sweetens the sentiment even more!

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